《生命恩泉》扎根行動About Foundation Builder

«生命恩泉扎根行動» 旨在由目前依賴大型籌款活動, 轉為一個倚靠較穩定的每月捐款模式。FLL Foundation Builder is a campaign to shift our current reliance on event-based fundraising activities to a more stable monthly donation model.

目前收入來源比例Current proportion of revenue sources:  »


我們的目標是要達至一個收入模式, 使我們百分之五十的財政收入來自每月捐款。透過每月捐款,您成為扎根行動的一員,也成為我們的願景建造者,向全球傳揚天主的慈愛。Our goal is to achieve a revenue model in which 50% of our income comes from monthly donations. By becoming a Foundation Builder through your monthly contribution, you have also become our vision builder in spreading God's love globally.

主要效益Key Benefits

  1. 我們的主要日常運作(例如: 製作、廣播及其他福傳工作)不會受制於不穩定的資金來源。每月穩定的收入使我們能應付基本支出及有助維持我們的日常運作。
  2. 讓我們不用花費大量資源於舉辦籌款活動及相關的行政工作, 使我們能專注於核心使命。
  3. 賦予我們自由及信心去計劃及承擔未來的項目, 推進我們的使命。
  1. Our core day-to-day operations (e.g. productions, broadcasting, and various evangelization work) will not be subject to the uncertainty of fluctuating sources of funding. Stable monthly income covers the bases and helps sustain our ongoing operations.
  2. Free us from diverting too much of our energy to organize fundraising activities and administration work, enabling us to focus on our core mission.
  3. Grant us the freedom and confidence to plan for future projects and commitments to advance our mission.

為何需要額外資金?Why the need of extra funding?

  1. 現時的資金來源只能維持本地的福傳工作。
  2. 統計數據顯示,過去數年,我們的觀眾大幅增加,尤其是在加拿大以外的地區。現時接近百分之六十的 Youtube觀眾來自亞洲國家。在全球,有華人的地方就有我們的觀眾。這證明了我們有需要加強對全球的外展。來自各國的觀眾給我們的回應,肯定了生命恩泉應慷慨與世界分享一直以來天主賜給加拿大華人的豐厚恩寵。
  3. 一百五十萬的加拿大華人對比全球接近十五億華人, 是1:1000的比例 。我們需要額外資金, 好好把握機會去接觸如此龐大的華人人口, 他們大部份人還未認識耶穌及救恩的喜訊。
  1. Our current funding sources can only support our local evangelization work.
  2. Statistics about our audienceship have shown substantial growth over the years, especially outside of Canada. Currently, we have close to 60% of our Youtube viewership from countries in Asia. And we have audience in almost anywhere globally with Chinese population. That confirms an escalating need in terms of our global outreach. The feedback from our global audience further confirms that FLL should generously share with the world God's abundant blessings for Chinese Canadians over the years.
  3. With close to 1.5 billion Chinese around the world compared to only 1.5 million of Chinese Canadians (i.e. 1000:1 ratio), that presents an enormous need of extra funding in order to embrace this immense opportunity to reach out to this huge Chinese population, most of whom have yet to know Jesus and the Good News of salvation.

(格後 9:6-7)
Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.
(2 Cor 9:6-7)

財務概覽Financial Overview

*預留資金以擴大我們的生產能力,以適應新的移動互聯網媒體趨勢,這將加速我們的發展 *Funds reserved to expand our production capacity to adapt to the new mobile internet media trend that will accelerate our global outreach.


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